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What is NAET

“There is hardly any human disease or condition where allergic factors are not involved.” Dr. Devi Nambudripad M.D. Ph.D (Acu) author of Say Goodbye to Illness

You may be doing all the recommended things to target your condition but still have symptoms.  What is keeping you from getting better?  This is what NAET can answer.  NAET is a noninvasive, drug free, natural solution to alleviating allergies and sensitivities using a blend of energy balancing, testing, and treatment procedures.

A synthesis of Oriental medicine and Western modalities, NAET provides a lasting natural alternative to avoidance and medications. This is not an avoidance or elimination diet.  Basic essential nutrients are treated in the first few visits, giving your immune system a foundational balance.  Chemicals, environmental agents, inhalants, immunizations, etc. will be addressed in further treatments.  If your immune system is not severely deficient you may need only one or two treatments.  A severely deficient person may need many treatments. NAET can be used at any age from infant to adult.

What is an Allergy?

A hypersensitive response to everyday substances cause respiratory reactions, digestive disorders, rashes, and hormonal imbalances. They can create pain, such as headaches, muscle and joint aches, fatigue, skin conditions, fibromyalgia, or arthritis. Even emotional and mental imbalances like ADHD, depression, and autism, can be helped with NAET. Allergies, sensitivities, and immune dysfunction often lie at the root of chronic illness.

**For your safety food sensitivity testing and allergy testing is available and highly recommended for severe allergies, respiratory, skin, and gastrointestinal complaints. Lab testing may be required for some patients with severe allergies before beginning treatment.

The NAET treatment protocol : (Adjusted for age and health condition)

During an NAET treatment, you remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table. The practitioner uses neuromuscular sensitivity testing (NST), also known as kinesiology, to determine the needed treatments. The actual treatment consists of gentle stimulation to the energy meridians on your back, and then you lie back to receive acupressure or acupuncture on your front. When you leave the office you avoid eating or coming into contact with the substance for 25 hours. In the next session you will be retested. The number of treatments depends on the individuals specific health status and symptoms.

In addition to your treatment, NST can be used to design an individualized supplement regimen exactly suited to your physiology.  At the first appointment all your supplements are checked for biocompatibility.

Conditions successfully treated or improved with NAET:

Allergies, migraines, Irritable bowel, autoimmune conditions, Indigestion/GERD, hypoglycemia, Hyperacidity, cravings, environmental allergies / MCS, Frequent infections, backache, acne, eczema, hives, itching, autism, asthma, ear infections, colitis, chronic fatigue, candida/yeast, pain.

NAET can also be used successfully in Cancer support…. before, during, and after your chemotherapy, radiation, and other modalities, keeping you comfortable in your treatments and giving you the best chance at a healthy life.

Please read Say Goodbye to Illness by Devi S. Nambudripad

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Instructions to a New NAET Patient
NAET is method that helps to balance energies in the body.  According to Oriental medical theory, most disorders arise from energy imbalances.  NAET theory states that allergies or intolerances stem from and energy blockage in the energetic pathways of the body.  When the energy blockage from an allergen is removed via NAET treatment, that particular allergen has not been shown to produce adverse reactions in the body on future contacts.  NAET is a mild, energy balancing, non-invasive, gentle procedure.  It has not been shown to cause lasting adverse effects on anyone within the last twenty years.  While going through NAET treatments, patients should try to keep their symptoms under control by taking necessary medications, therapies, or other modalities.  The patient is urged to seek care of a primary care physician at any time needed during the course of treatment to manage specific health needs related to your condition.  NAET is not a primary care procedure.
Before the first treatment:
1. Please read “Say Goodbye to Illness”. You can borrow this book from the office.
2. Please bring all copies of previous medical records and laboratory reports pertaining to your condition.  If you have allergy reports it is important that your provider sees them as the number of treatments differs depending upon the type and severity of your allergy. If you do not have allergy reports, you can be treated, but you are encouraged to ask your primary care physician for baseline tests.
3. If you have a history of anaphylactic reactions toward any allergen, you must tell your practitioner so they can take adequate precautions and inform you of the protocols.
4. Please bring any allergy medications you are prescribed or use to manage your symptoms, to your appointments.
Before each treatment:
1. Please do not wear any perfume or other strongly smelling products when coming to the NAET appointment.If you suspect something is responsible for causing an allergic reaction, you may bring the item in a jar with a lid, or wrapped in paper.  Please do not bring in plastic.
2. Please take a shower before treatment and wear clean, loose clothing.
3. Always eat something before your treatment. NAET and acupuncture should not be undertaken while hungry.
4. Please wash your hands before entering the treatment room and after your treatment.
5. Do not treat with NAET if you are extremely tired or exhausted.
During each treatment:
1. You should not have a companion with you or sitting in your energetic field while receiving treatment, including children or pets. (Parent staying with a minor child is okay)
2. Since NAET is  a mind-body balancing procedure, the NAET practitioner needs to receive permission from your conscious mind before performing any energy balancing  procedures.  Signing the consent is the permission from your conscious mind.  But permission from your subconscious is necessary.  For a trained practitioner it takes only a few seconds to seek permission from the subconscious.  In rare cases, the persons subconscious mind does not grant permission, and in this case the practitioner will make an appropriate referral for further evaluation related to your health condition.
3. You, the patient, should rub your hands together for several seconds between energy samples you are tested for during your appointment.  This removes the energy from your hands.
4. Surrogate testing and treatment – If you are unable to test or directly receive treatment yourself, a surrogate who you remain in skin to skin contact with, can be used.  Patients in advanced state of pregnancy, morbidly obese, debilitating conditions, back surgery, scoliosis, or history of anaphylaxis should receive NAET treatments through a surrogate.
The basic 15 treatments:
The NAET basic 15 treatments are in fact the basic essential nutrients for everyone.  If you are intolerant of them, your body may not receive adequate nutrition as well as suffer the effects of consuming them and lower immune system function.  When your immune system is maintained at a normal level, not only will you feel better overall, your allergic sensitivity will be reduced and need fewer NAET treatments to get maximun results.
Reasons why treatments may be given out of order:
1. If you have allergies to white rice or pasta, they can be treated before the Basics.
2. Hard to avoid items, like prescription drugs should be treated first in the doctors office, then through self-treatment every 2 hours. In case you cannot avoid taking the drug you should treat by gate massage before and after you take the drug, as well as massaging the gates every 2 hours for the initial 25 hours after treatment.
3. When a patient has an acute problem, the practitioner will treat the acute problem before resuming the basic treatments.  Then the treatment for the acute problem is resolved you should go back to the basics as before.
4. Priority can be given to items causing you discomfort as indicated by muscle testing.
After treatments:
1. Please wash your hand after treatment to remove residue of an allergic item.
2. Please do not exercise vigorously or shower for 6 hours after treatment.
3. Do not cross your hands or feet during the 20 minute waiting period of treatment.
4. Your practitioner will ask you to avoid the treated allergen for 25 hours or more as indicated by muscle testing, after the treatment in the office. After the treatment you should avoid eating, touching, or coming within a few feet of the substance that was treated for the 25 hours.
5. If you are a highly sensitive person, or experience any discomfort during the 25 hour avoidance period, you may need to balance your gate points every 2 hours on your own, while awake.
6. If a patient has a hard time avoiding the allergen, he/she should balance the gate points every 2 hours, as well as before and after consuming the substance.
7. Drink 4-6 glasses of water during the day to help flush out toxins produced during treatment.
8. You are advised to maintain your own treatment and food diary after each treatment.
9. During the 25 hour or afterwards, if you have a life threatening reaction for an allergen you MUST seek emergency help immediately or call 911.
10. Remember to CHECK the item that was treated, with your practitioner, after 25 hours and within 1 week to make sure you have completed the treatment.
11. If you did not complete the treatment, or the specific NAET treatment for some reason, do not panic.  NAET is a mild, balancing, non-invasive, gentle procedure. Any temporary symptoms may be due to not completing the treatment and may continue to wear off for up to 2-3 weeks maximum. Drink 4-6 glasses of water daily to help with your energy circulation. Check with your practitioner for help managing your symptoms.
12. When you are allergic to a substance, your body produces alot of endotoxins. After you are treated for an allergen, it takes the body 25 hours to detoxify the allergen from all 12 major meridians (each takes 2 hours) naturally from the body. Some patients may not have a 25 hour avoidance, some may pass it immediately, some take just a few hours, some may take 40 hours. It is to your advantage to avoid the allergen for the whole 25 hours allowing the body to detoxify naturally.
13. You are advised to continue ALL medications and other treatments as they have been prescribed unless otherwise directed by the doctors who prescribed them.  Please do not stop the treatment you are on.
14. NAET treatments have not been shown to interfere with any other treatment.
15. NAET treatments during pregnancy have not been shown to have any adverse effects to the mother or child.  In fact tremendous benefits have been noted.
16. If you do not show improvement after passing the needed Basic ten to fifteen allergen groups, probably NAET is not for you. Please ask your practitioner to refer you to another health care facility.
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