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NAET helped through my chemotherapy treatments

Little did I know what a blessing Susan would be when I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The disease itself is frightening enough and the overwhelming reactions to chemo treatments I had heard could be debilitating.

When Susan heard of my diagnosis she informed me of her NAET training to help cancer patients. I have had three chemo treatments with none of the devastating side effects, thanks to all the NAET treatments Susan has given me. My response to the chemo treatments have been so positive that my doctors are amazed at the results of each of my blood tests.

Today, I came home elated having met with my oncologist and oncology surgeon. My blood levels measuring the tumor marker have come down to normal levels. The oncologist’s nurse practitioner said with a smile, “You look great and all your blood work is within normal range. You don’t look like a chemo patient!”

Thank God that I have enjoyed the loving care of Susan Engel,  a very skilled NAET practitioner whose keen sense of intuition and high skill of muscle testing has enabled her to give me all the NAET treatments that were necessary. I will continue with her through my surgery and post surgery care. -S.A.



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