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Amazing! Helped my daughter when no one else could.

I desperately searched for over a year to find help for my youngest daughter, who was living every day with severe or worsening allergic outbreaks, which consisted of irritating very red skin rashes all over her face and mouth, puffy/swollen eyes and lips, and eczema on her arms. My daughter is special needs and non-verbal, which made it worse to communicate her distress. The last straw was when I received a phone call from my daughter’s school that they wanted to call an ambulance due to¬† a bad reaction at school. I became desperate as I did not want her to live this way. Thanks to google I finally found some other moms talking online about NAET and decided to try it.

The doctors, I had visited before this, allergists and dermatologists, gave me no solutions but steroid creams and an Epipen. It distressed my daughter and myself each and every day. So I found Susan last year thru the NAET directory and I am so glad that I did. She is very caring, thorough and honest, and this is truly her passion.
My daughter started slowly getting better and clearing up and after 5 weeks and everyone who knew her was truly amazed that she was suddenly clear and doing fine. Susan determined what she was sensitive to, and what is amazing is a lot of it was exactly what I thought she had issues with, and I hadn’t told her. Proof is in all of my pictures. I documented photos of her allergic reactions up until Susan worked with her and her clearing. She has now been clear for over a year. Now If I feel something is throwing her off, I contact Susan.

Now I see Susan myself for my own issues. I am trying to clear some of my sensitivities and recover from hypothyroidism. We did discover I was reacting to my thyroid meds and I really felt like I was everyday. Lets just say now I am doing really well with my medication thanks to her help. Thank you so much Susan! My family is so glad to have found you.

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