Susan helped me emotionally move forward

I started going to Susan based on a recommendation from a trusted practitioner for digestive issues. My body wasn’t absorbing key nutrients. And as I worked with her I did feel a difference. While I was seeing her, I was going through some difficult life issues that affected me emotionally. I was seeing a therapist at the time but it

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NAET helped through my chemotherapy treatments

Little did I know what a blessing Susan would be when I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The disease itself is frightening enough and the overwhelming reactions to chemo treatments I had heard could be debilitating.

When Susan heard of my diagnosis she informed me of her NAET training to help cancer patients. I have had three chemo treatments

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Amazing! Helped my daughter when no one else could.

I desperately searched for over a year to find help for my youngest daughter, who was living every day with severe or worsening allergic outbreaks, which consisted of irritating very red skin rashes all over her face and mouth, puffy/swollen eyes and lips, and eczema on her arms. My daughter is special needs and non-verbal, which made it worse to

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

My husband and I found Susan Engel when my husband’s MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) where at there worst. He had just lost the use of the kitchen gas stove and the central heat. Within two treatments he had both back. Meanwhile she helped me with my large fibroid, and I started losing weight for the first time in years. My

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