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Tele-Health appointments work!

During an online video appointment you will have your aches, pains, herbal needs, and emotional health addressed.  The only thing I can’t do for you is Acupuncture and NAET treatment, but the result is comparable! Energy work is pretty amazing and often instant.


  • This type of appointment is right for you if you are social distancing, are looking for herbal support for health or during a viral or bacterial illness (including Covid-19).
  • This appointment will address your emotional and physical needs as well with energetic clearing and balancing of thoughts, emotions, meridians, and negative symptoms.
  • Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine can be sent to you directly. Supplements can be discussed and recommended.


Here are some testimonials of patients who have taken advantage of this service…..

“Working with Susan via distance treatments both on my symptoms of food intolerances as well as emotional release has helped me and my family tremendously. Especially I’m grateful for the ability to have these treatments over zoom since we are out of the area and it’s easy to get treatments for my active toddler that way. It was not possible for me to do it in person as he would not want to keep still during the treatments. Susan is a professional who makes every minute of the session worthwhile whether she is sharing her personal experience or works together with me towards achieving a greater freedom from silent assumptions and beliefs. All the books she recommended me to read have had a profound effect on me as well. And the pain relief in some instances worked like magic, I used to be skeptical at first that my toothache or pain from an injured tendon would go away after the treatment but they did!” -Iryna V.


“I’m happily commending Susan’s practice for everyone who is struggling to resolve their emotional issues or having physical ailments. The distance treatments I received helped me go through grief and other emotional clearing. Susan also helped me with lower back and neck pain as well as sleeping issues.” -A.P


Please click on the appointments tab to schedule.  *New patients must choose the 1 hour appointment.

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