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Psychoenergetic Transformation

I am a long time student of Chuck McCaughan and his techniques of Psychoenergetic Transformation, emotional and spiritual work that speaks to the unconscious beliefs that become the “operating system” of the human body/mind/spirit.  This work can be integrated into your treatment or focused on exclusively in the time you are here.

Similar to the way Reiki dissolves energetic blocks in the body, Psycho-energetic Transformation will:

  1. Identify the specific belief that drives the feelings and behavior
  2. Reveal the beliefs that are manifesting in a person’s life’s experiences
  3. Collapse the negative emotional ‘charge’ that was underpinning the belief

The resulting energy shift leaves the individual free to respond through personal will and conscious choice instead of reacting based on old experiences and feelings.


Recent Testimonial from a patient  – “Susan’s emotional work has changed my life!  I’ve been able to repair my relationship with my mother after Susan worked on me for codependency. My mom hasn’t changed but something within me did.  Her ways no longer hurt me emotionally after dealing with 25+ years of emotional, verbal and mental abuse.

We also did work on resistance in my life. After that I earned a promotion with my business that I’ve been wanting for THREE years and earned a $25,000 bonus along with that!”  -Anonymous


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