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NAET for Skin Disorders

Skin disorders are a common and frustrating health concern with a wide variety of symptoms and disease patterns that present differently in every sufferer.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, with an area covering roughly 20 square feet, charged with the job of protecting against and sensing your environment. Skin health reflects internal health and is therefore worthy of attention and care.

The therapy I most often employ to treat skin conditions for my patients is Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). Allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances to ingested, inhaled, or contacted substances that provoke an abnormal immune system response are often responsible for dermatitis, rashes, hives, itching and more profound immune system derangements like psoriasis, and lupus. NAET has offered symptomatic and impressive results in many conditions, even after decades of suffering.

What is the cause of your symptoms? NAET and acupuncture deal with energy blockages and imbalances in the body’s energetic circulation caused by many factors:

Inherited conditions

Allergies and sensitivities


Lowered immune function due to stress, illness, emotional injury

Malabsorbtion disorders


A few case studies:

A patient came to me recently with eczema affecting his hands and feet for many decades. After one treatment, using NAET to treat for a sensitivity to grains, his eczema cleared up completely, much to his delight! For some, NAET works this fast, while some people need several treatments to completely address their skin problem.

A nurse was experiencing severe contact dermatitis to latex gloves used in her work, causing much pain and annoyance. After treatment with NAET for latex she could touch gloves and other instruments without reacting.

As a teenager, my daughter had annoying tiny blisters on her fingertips.  She was found to be reacting to coffee. After treatment, the blisters healed and she had no more even when drinking coffee once again.

A woman, who had always had severe reactions to poison ivy and oak, has found that after NAET treatments she can be exposed without developing a reaction to these substances that had previously needed steroidal treatments to manage the reaction.

Allergies to jewelry are common due to the gold, nickel, and other metal content. After wearing her wedding ring for 15 years, a 37 year old woman developed blisters and crusting where her gold ring touched her skin.  After one treatment with NAET for gold metal she could wear her ring comfortably again with no reaction.

A friend of mine developed chronic idiopathic hives after an immunization. Life was miserable for her.  After many NAET treatments for basic vitamins, food groups, chemical components of vaccines, and environmental elements she is once again comfortable in her skin and hive free.

NAET is a fascinating and effective treatment for acute, chronic, and frustrating skin disorders in children and adults alike. It’s an absolute delight for me, as a practitioner, to solve these painful and frustrating problems, for my patients.  Using kinesiology, muscle response testing, we can isolate the substance causing the problem and then treat using NAET, systematically dialing down the disordered immune response.

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