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NAET Basic Avoidance Guide

The instructions below are to be followed AFTER each particular treatment.  There are no dietary  restrictions BEFORE the treatments. The following is a list of items related to the specific allergen treated. The avoidance period is 25 hours after treatment, unless otherwise indicated. Please prepare your home, and your meals prior to your treatment, as a successful treatment depends on the avoidance of the allergen.

BBF: (Brain Body Balance Formula – Proprietary Formula)

This is to balance the overall energy of the body. If the overall energy is not in a balanced state, an individual can experience difficulty in clearing other allergens in the list. This BBF sample contains a combined energy of various vital organs, tissues, other elements and ingredients that are necessary to maintain a healthy nervous system.


1. EGG MIX: (Egg yolk, Egg white, Chicken, Tetracycline, Ovomucin, Lysozyme, Feathers)

YOU MAY NOT EAT OR TOUCH: Do not eat above components of the egg, or take tetracycline antibiotic. Avoid all food products containing egg or chicken including crackers, cookies, soups, breads, mayonnaise, salad dressings, cakes, pastries, pies, pancakes, foods baked or fried in egg batter and thick sauces. Also avoid birds, feather pillows, comforters, vitamins and protein drinks made with egg, shampoos, conditioners and skin lotions with egg products.

YOU MAY EAT: brown or white rice, pasta without eggs, imitation eggs, vegetables, salads, fruits, milk products, oils, beef, pork, fish, coffee, juice, soft drinks, water and tea.


2. MILK/CALCIUM MIX: (Albumin, Casein, Calcium lactate, Calcium carbonate, Calcium gluconate, Calcium ascorbate, Calcium citrate, Calcium malate, Calcium fumarate, Coral calcium, Vitamin D, Milk mix, Breast milk, Lactic acid, Cheese mix, Lacto globulin, Cow’s milk, Goat’s milk).

YOU MAY NOT EAT OR TOUCH: milk or milk products, eggs, chicken, uncooked vegetables, dark leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, dandelion greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sesame seeds, oats, navy beans, cheese, soybeans, almonds, dried beans, walnuts, fish, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, calcium supplements, figs, papaya, berries, rhubarb, tomatoes, prunes

YOU MAY EAT: cooked rice, pasta, cooked vegetables (potato, corn, yams, cauliflower, sweet potato, green pepper, mushrooms), red meat, olive oil, peaches, nectarines, and coffee and tea without milk. Contact with calcium- free (distilled) water only. Any food without calcium derivatives.


3. VITAMIN C MIX: (Ascorbic acid, Acerola C, Oxalic acid, Rose hip, camu camu, plum mix, Bioflavonoid, Citrus mix, Citric acid, Berry mix, Fruit mix, Chlorophyll, Cucumber, Melon mix, L. Gunololactone, Vinegar mix, Hesperidin, Rutin, Quercetin, Quince seed, and Vegetable mix).

YOU MAY NOT EAT OR TOUCH: fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, dry fruits, juices, sauces, soft drinks, milk, artificial sweeteners, and vitamin C supplements, toothpaste.

YOU MAY EAT: cooked white or brown rice, pasta without sauce, boiled or poached eggs, baked or broiled chicken, fish, red meat, brown toast, deep fried food, french fries, salt, oils, and drink coffee and water. Any food that does not have vitamin C or its derivatives.


4. B COMPLEX: (B l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, PABA, Inositol, Choline, Biotin, and Folic acid).

YOU MAY NOT EAT OR TOUCH: whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, eggs, anything with B vitamins.

YOU MAY EAT: cooked white rice, cooked white pasta, cauliflower raw or cooked, well cooked or deep fried fish, salt, white sugar, black coffee, French fries (purified water while treating for any of the B vitamins). Rice should be washed well before cooking. Then, cook rice or pasta with lots of water and drain the water after cooking the rice (pasta) to remove the fortified vitamins. You may refer to the following individual B vitamins for more information.


5. SUGAR MIX: (Beet sugar, Brown sugar, Cane sugar, Corn sugar, Cellulose, Date sugar, Dextrose, D-Mannose, Pentose, Hexose, D-Ribose, Fructose, Galactose, Glucose, Grape sugar, Honey, Lactose, Maltose, Maple sugar, Molasses, Sucrose, Raw sugar, Rice sugar, Coconut palm sugar, Turbinado sugar, Crystal sugar, Demerara sugar, Barbados sugar, Invert sugar, Barley sugar, Powdered sugar, Castor sugar, Berry sugar, Granulated sugar, and Sugar cubes).

YOU MAY NOT EAT OR TOUCH: anything with any of the above sugars, sauces, drinks with sugar. Do not use powdered spices in pre-packed containers, tooth paste and mouth washing liquids.

YOU MAY EAT: white rice, pasta, vegetables, vegetable oils, meats, eggs, chicken, water, coffee, tea without milk.


6. IRON MIX: (Ferrous gluconate, Ferrous sulphate, Iron bisglycinate, Ferrous fumarate, Ferrous citrate, Dark meat, Beef mix, Pork, Lamb, Raisins, Dates, Bacon, Ham, Gelatin, Pepperoni, Crude iron, Wrought iron, Iron wok).

YOU MAY NOT EAT OR TOUCH: apricots, apples, peaches, pears, banana, cherries, dates, prunes, raisins, brewer’s yeast, whole grain cereals, black molasses, turnip greens, broccoli, Brussels sprout, spinach, beet tops, alfalfa, beets, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, whole rye, dry beans, lentils, kelp, egg yolk, liver, red meat, pork liver, beef, organ meats like kidney, heart and liver, farina, raw clams, oysters, nuts, asparagus, coffee, chocolate, salt, nor iron supplements

YOU MAY EAT: white rice without iron fortification, sour dough bread without iron, cauliflower, potato, chicken, light green vegetables (celery, watercress, radishes, onions, shallots), butter, water and orange juice.


7. VITAMIN A MIX: (Beta carotene, Vitamin A, Salmon, Shellfish mix, and Fish mix).

YOU MAY NOT EAT, USE OR TOUCH: yellow fruits, yellow vegetables, green fruits, green vegetables, green peppers, orange vegetables (squash, carrots, sweet potatoes), fish or fish products, milk products and corn products; skin lotions.

YOU MAY EAT: steamed rice, pasta, potato, canned cream of mushroom soup (Campbell’s with water), cauliflower, red apples, chicken, water and coffee.


8. MINERAL MIX: (Trace minerals, antimony, barium, boron, beryllium, bromide, caesium, chlorine, chromium, cobalt, copper, europium, fluorine, gallium, germanium, gold, iodine, lithium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, palladium, rubidium, samarium, scandium, silver, strontium, thallium, thorium, tin, titanium, tungsten, uranium, zinc, zirconium, chromium, lead, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulfur, vanadium, mercury).

YOU MAY NOT USE OR TOUCH: metals, tap water, mineral water, root vegetables like onion, potato, carrots and turnips. Wear gloves while touching metal surfaces. Metal buttons on clothes, shoes, hand bags, wedding rings or religious rings etc. can be covered with masking tape. Use plastic and glass utensils to cook and eat. Use a pair of gloves during 25 hour period to avoid touching metals.

YOU MAY USE: distilled water for washing and showering, steamed rice, vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, milk, coffee and tea.


9. SALT MIX: (Sea salt, Table salt, Rock salt, Plain salt, Iodized salt, Kosher salt, Sodium, and Chloride).

YOU MAY NOT USE OR TOUCH: kelp, celery, romaine lettuce, watermelon, sea food, processed foods with salts, fast foods, table salts, fish, shell fish, carrots, beets, artichoke, dried beef, brains, kidney, cured meats, bacon, ham, coffee, watercress, sea weed, oats, avocado, Swiss chard, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, pineapple, tap water, and prepared, canned or frozen foods.

YOU MAY USE: distilled water to drink and bathe, steamed rice, fresh vegetables and fruits not listed above, chicken, meats and sugars.


10. GRAIN MIX: (Wheat mix, Corn mix, Seed mix, Gluten mix, Rice mix, Oat mix, Rye, Barley, and Hops).

YOU MAY NOT USE: grains and items made from above grains.

YOU MAY EAT: vegetables, fruits, meats, milk and drink water.


11. YEAST MIX/CANDIDA: (Baker’s yeast, Brewer’s yeast, Torula yeast, Yogurt, Whey, Candida albicans, and Sour cream).

AVOID: Brewer’s yeast, bakers yeast, and any foods containing these items including baked goods, sugars, fruits, soy sauce, soy milk, and alcoholic beverages.

YOU MAY EAT vegetables, meat, chicken and fish.


12. Stomach Acids: (Aldehyde, HCL, Gastric acid, Gastrin, Sugar digestion, Acid regurgitation).

AVOID : sugars, starches, breads and meats.

YOU MAY EAT Raw and cookedG vegetables, beans, eggs, and milk.


13. Base: (Digestive enzymes, Enzymes mix).

AVOID : Sugar, starches, fruits, grains, meats, other acid forming foods, coffee.
YOU MAY EAT raw and steamed vegetables, cooked dried beans, eggs, oils, clarified butter, and milk.


14. HORMONES: (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Androgen, Androsterone, DHEA, Estriol, Estradiol, FSH, HCG, Lutenizing hormone, Prolactin, and Semen).

AVOID: read meat and hormone supplements.


15. ORGAN MIX: (Skin, Right lung, Left lung, Pericardium, Heart, Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Left kidney, Right kidney, Liver, Gall bladder, Small intestine, Uterus, Prostate, Large intestine).
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