Mei Zen Facial Rejuvenation

Mei Zen is a 10 treatment acupuncture plan to put the glow back in your face naturally  with whole health benefits. The goal is for greater satisfaction with the appearance of your skin, a lifted effect, diminished signs of aging, and a healthier radiance.

**NEW Celluma low level light treatment available with Mei Zen acupuncture treatments to address wrinkles, aging, and acne, for even greater results!

After a body balancing treatment with acupuncture, very fine needles are inserted at a shallow level in the face to stimulate collagen, muscle tone, and your body’s natural healing response. As blood flow, lymph, and qi energy are activated the benefits include treating underlying heath issues as well as the appearance of the face or neck.

Natural botanical cosmetic serums, and herbal lotions are utilized during your treatment. These high quality products include all natural herbs and essential oils known to benefit the clarity and integrity of delicate skin.

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Celluma for Acne


Before and After Acupuncture (actual patient) results vary