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Cancer Support

A cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a uniquely challenging journey.  You have many difficult decisions and choices ahead.  When you choose to use alternative medicine techniques, like acupuncture and NAET, you are giving your system the best conditions to thrive and ultimately win the fight against cancer and disease.


Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is a valuable supportive treatment to get you as comfortable as possible before treatment, while undergoing your chosen interventions, and in recovery.

NAET adjusts your immunological response to your cancer, the drugs to combat it, and so much more.  You may experience:

  • reduced nausea, vomiting, fatigue, hair loss, etc.
  • better emotional health as you face treatment
  • quicker recovery after interventions
  • an increase in health and wellbeing


I can work with you to get you emotionally and physically ready for the treatments you will receive as you begin this journey.  As you go through your chosen interventions, I will assist your body to respond appropriately, remain comfortable, and regain strength.  NAET combines in office treatments with home booster treatments giving you control throughout the process.

Some examples of NAET treatments you may need: stem cells, biopsy sample, nutrients and vitamins, chemotherapy drugs and other supplements.

Care can be coordinated with your Oncologist and team.  NAET has not been known to conflict with allopathic interventions.  As a trained herbalist, I can recommend supplements if they are needed.


From a patient “When Susan heard of my diagnosis she informed me of her NAET training to help cancer patients. I have had three chemo treatments with none of the devastating side effects, thanks to all the NAET treatments Susan has given me. My response to the chemo treatments have been so positive that my doctors are amazed at the results of each of my blood tests.”


If gentle, supportive, immune strengthening therapy sounds like what you are looking for…. please call for a complimentary consultation at 973-454-8594

**NAET and acupuncture do not claim to cure cancer**




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