Being hot and flashy isn’t as good as it sounds!

Peri-menopause and menopause itself are inevitable rites of passage for women entering middle life.  While we are coming into our own, reaping the wisdom of life experiences, and often very busy with multigenerational family matters, our hormonal imbalances begin to get in the way of feeling well mentally and physically.

Symptoms like night sweating, depression, weight gain, insomnia, and dryness signal that changes are occurring in our hormonal balance.  In my office this is a common reason for seeking help.  NAETacupuncture, and herbal therapy can help your body regulate and remain balanced and comfortable through these years of transition.

Acupuncture treatments alone have been shown to reduce the frequency of symptoms during menopause. This was the conclusion of a study that found, compared with menopausal women who did not receive the treatment, hot flashes and night sweats were reduced by over a third in women who received acupuncture. This benefit lasted for at least 6 months.  The study showed acupuncture from a licensed acupuncturist can reduce hot flashes in some women during menopause without any side effects.  (The study, from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, is published in the journal Menopause.)


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Introducing Celluma light therapy

I’m very excited to announce that you can now add Celluma low level light therapy to your treatments!  Celluma has been cleared by the FDA for pain management and a variety of skin conditions, like acne, wrinkles and aging.


Either as a stand alone treatment or added to your acupuncture therapy, Celluma phototherapy can help you achieve greater health and well being.  Talk to me today to see whether it is appropriate for you! 973-454-8594 in Montclair NJ.


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Allergy related autism study: NAET offers hope and healing

Autism, an early childhood developmental disorder, has increased by 50% since the early 2000’s, with few effective treatments keeping pace with this rise in prevalence.  Dr. Devi Nambudripad has developed a gentle, noninvasive treatment that shows great effectiveness for children suffering from this illness.  Dr. Devi states that “There are hardly any human diseases or conditions where allergic factors are not involved directly or indirectly. Autism is not any different.”  The brain and nervous system network do not function normally in autistic people.  When one is sensitive or allergic to unknown or known substances the weakest part of the body will suffer impairment, whether this is the brain, skin, or other area.  Using Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing the offending substances can be easily found and then desensitized permanently with NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques).

In this study, Autism NAET Full Study, sixty children were randomly assigned to a treatment or control group.  The treatment group received NAET treatments for 50 allergens over 1 year, using kinesiology and acupressure.  The control group continued with the therapies they were using before the study.  The results were very exciting! The NAET treatment resulted in statistically significant improvements in 30 of the 35 symptoms assessed using the ASRS. In the NAET group, 23 of the 30 children returned to regular school classes with healthy, non autistic peers after treatment, but all of the children in the control group continued to require special education.

In using NAET on autistic individuals, I can say that it does produce wonderful results!  It’s so rewarding to see the child becoming more aware and comfortable.  If you would like to experience this treatment please contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss whether this may help someone you love.

Susan C Engel, L.Ac., Montclair, New Jersey


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Acupuncture Headache Relief!

The most popular reason for getting acupuncture is PAIN!  Headaches are definitely one of those things.  Today my oldest son, Tristan, was feeling really headachy as I was driving him to the airport.  He asked me if I had ibuprophen on me, which I didn’t, but I said “I do have needles! I can put a few in your hand..?”  He said okay, like he puts up with a lot having me for a mother.  I pulled right over and it was done in 30 seconds.

And we continued to the airport. Did it work? YES! He no longer had a headache.

For me, I had migraines, following in my father’s footsteps unfortunately, since I was a teenager.  After seeking NAET for sensitivities many years ago, a happy effect was that most of my migraines were also cured!  Two great alternatives to drugs for headaches, NAET and acupuncture!

Call for a complimentary consultation in Montclair NJ.  973-454-8594

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Chinese Medicinal Cupping works!!!

Perhaps you were first introduced to cupping therapy when Micheal Phelps dove into the pool during the Olympics and the media went crazy talking about the weird therapy he was getting that made purple circles on his back and shoulders.  You heard it was often used by physical therapists to help athletes recover from strenuous workouts, and you also heard it referred to with skepticism! Be assured it is a relevant today as it was long ago.

Cupping has been used therapeutically since at least 300 A.D. by Taoist physicians in China, with cups of horn or bamboo.  However, all over the world this therapy has been used in cultures on most continents, from the middle east to South America.  Cupping is a suction technique designed to pull toxin build up, muscle spasm, and areas of stagnant circulation, from the body’s deep layers to the surface of the skin.  The body’s cells use oxygen and give off carbon dioxide: when this is blocked, cell waste accumulates and pain and restriction is the outcome.  In only 10 minutes of cupping, this waste is pulled out of the deep muscle layer to the skin surface for removal by the superficial capillary system, and fresh new blood restores proper flow.  The patient experiences a relief from pain and a vitalization of the body functions from the lungs to the digestion and more.

The color that results from cupping is informative as to the underlying problem.  If your cups yield very dark purple circles, your stagnation of circulation was severe.  If the circles are pale or light in color, the problem was not severe.  Depending on the severity, discoloration take from 2 days to a few weeks to fade away completely.  This is not a typical bruise, it is superficial.  While you are being cupped you may experience some minor discomfort when the cups first go on.  Very sensitive individuals may find it too strong, so please tell your acupuncturist if you need them adjusted!  However many people enjoy it as they would a deep massage.

There are different types of cupping therapy.  Fire cupping uses a flame to heat the inside of glass cups.  Commonly silicone or plastic cups are used without heat.  Moving cups glide along the skin in a massaging motion.  Sometimes, in bleeding cups, the skin is pricked before the cups is placed to draw out a few drops of blood.  In my practice I use fire or plastic suction cups.

Cupping’s effects are immediate! Your healing process may be shortened dramatically by utilizing this technique.  Use cupping for bronchitis or asthma, chronic gastritis and diarrhea, pain syndromes, gynecological problems, and more!

Complimentary consultations 973-454-8594 in Montclair, New Jersey. 

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