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Allergy related autism study: NAET offers hope and healing

Autism, an early childhood developmental disorder, has increased by 50% since the early 2000’s, with few effective treatments keeping pace with this rise in prevalence.  Dr. Devi Nambudripad has developed a gentle, noninvasive treatment that shows great effectiveness for children suffering from this illness.  Dr. Devi states that “There are hardly any human diseases or conditions where allergic factors are not involved directly or indirectly. Autism is not any different.”  The brain and nervous system network do not function normally in autistic people.  When one is sensitive or allergic to unknown or known substances the weakest part of the body will suffer impairment, whether this is the brain, skin, or other area.  Using Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing the offending substances can be easily found and then desensitized permanently with NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques).

In this study, Autism NAET Full Study, sixty children were randomly assigned to a treatment or control group.  The treatment group received NAET treatments for 50 allergens over 1 year, using kinesiology and acupressure.  The control group continued with the therapies they were using before the study.  The results were very exciting! The NAET treatment resulted in statistically significant improvements in 30 of the 35 symptoms assessed using the ASRS. In the NAET group, 23 of the 30 children returned to regular school classes with healthy, non autistic peers after treatment, but all of the children in the control group continued to require special education.

In using NAET on autistic individuals, I can say that it does produce wonderful results!  It’s so rewarding to see the child becoming more aware and comfortable.  If you would like to experience this treatment please contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss whether this may help someone you love.

Susan C Engel, L.Ac., Montclair, New Jersey


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