Acupuncture Headache Relief!

The most popular reason for getting acupuncture is PAIN!  Headaches are definitely one of those things.  Today my oldest son, Tristan, was feeling really headachy as I was driving him to the airport.  He asked me if I had ibuprophen on me, which I didn’t, but I said “I do have needles! I can put a few in your hand..?”  He said okay, like he puts up with a lot having me for a mother.  I pulled right over and it was done in 30 seconds.

And we continued to the airport. Did it work? YES! He no longer had a headache.

For me, I had migraines, following in my father’s footsteps unfortunately, since I was a teenager.  After seeking NAET for sensitivities many years ago, a happy effect was that most of my migraines were also cured!  Two great alternatives to drugs for headaches, NAET and acupuncture!

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